The ChatGPT Rap

credit: University of Cambridge

The DNA double helix is about to turn 70 years old. I wrote about it in my column in the Italian magazine 7-Sette. But as a tribute, it still seemed a bit short. So I asked artificial intelligence for help: ‘Dear Chat, can you improvise a rap from the double helix to CRISPR?’ Said, done.

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Happy 10th Birthday CRISPR!

The seminal paper by Doudna & Charpentier was published online at the end of June 2012. The printed issue came out a few weeks later, on August 17 (don’t try to buy it, Science VOLUME 337|ISSUE 6096 is out of stock). No wonder the gene-editing community is in the mood for celebration these days. If you are too, don’t miss the chance to read these articles on CRISPR’s ten-year anniversary!

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