The ChatGPT Rap

credit: University of Cambridge

The DNA double helix is about to turn 70 years old. I wrote about it in my column in the Italian magazine 7-Sette. But as a tribute, it still seemed a bit short. So I asked artificial intelligence for help: ‘Dear Chat, can you improvise a rap from the double helix to CRISPR?’ Said, done.

Yo, it’s the 70th anniversary of the double helix, The discovery that changed the game, with no tricks. DNA, the code of life, was unlocked, A breakthrough moment, science rocked.

But the future is here, science doesn’t stop, CRISPR is the tech that takes us to the top. Cut and paste DNA with precision, It’s a game-changer, a brand new vision.

Delete disease, mutations, make corrections, Edit the code, without any objections. Heal and save lives, a brand new path, The future is open, we’re out of the past. […]

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