About the blog

This blog is going to make up the chronicles from the New Biotech Age. The Crispr system and its possible variants promise to transform biotechnology, by editing genomes low-cost in a precise and easy way. Applications are going to affect a broad range of fields, from pharma to food. We’ll tell the technique’s evolution, its uses and narratives, guided by curiosity and open to other points of view because science is exciting but there is a whole world out of labs. Posts will by organized by categories: News, Imho, Special guest, In the lab, Back to basics, Must read, Crazy4Crispr. The blog’s search engine can retrieve materials related to different subjects by using keywords such as “crops”, “gene therapy”, “patents” etc.

Rome, Rare Disease Day 2019 – special prize Eugenio Aringhieri to CRISPeR Frenzy/CRISPeR Mania