Gender equity meets CRISPR

Navneet Matharu, Jenny Hamilton and Lin Du

The Women in Enterprising Science Program (WIES) is located on the UC Berkeley campus and is supported by the foundation of Solina Chau Hoi Shuen (co-founder of Horizons Ventures in Hong Kong). The initiative, aiming to enhance gender equity in bio-entrepreneurship, was presented last March by IGI, the institute founded by Jennifer Doudna. In the pictures above you can see the inaugural cohort of fellows, announced this month.

The trio will get up to $150,000 each to develop their entrepreneurial ideas. Then, one or two of them will be selected as WIES Entrepreneurs and may receive up to $1 million in seed funding.

Navneet Matharu, Jenny Hamilton, and Lin Du will work on projects respectively related to diseases caused by gene dosage defects, the delivery of genome-editing molecules, and synthetic DNA biosensors (find out further details in IGI’s press release). Hopefully to be included in our future slideshows of women in CRISPR.

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