Crispy starters from a new journal

Have you heard of GEN Biotechnology? Issue 3 is already out, but I’ve just got my free copy of the inaugural issue (thanks!). Same publisher (Mary Ann Liebert), same executive editor (Kevin Davies), and the same passion for biotech frontiers as The CRISPR Journal. See below some crispy starters from issue number 1:

On the money – CRISPR genome editing into the second decade (by G. Livshits)

News and views – Outsmarting delivery barriers in vivo: base editing via next-generation virus-like particles (by Ross C. Wilson)

Review – Gene editing: the next breakthrough technology in our 10,000-year journey of crop improvement (by W. Smic)

Review – Genome editing of pluripotent stem cells for adoptive and regenerative cell therapies (by R. Blassberg)

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