What to wish for in the new CRISPR year

Barrangou’s team at North Carolina State University (credit The CRISPR Journal)

CRISPR-pioneer Rodolphe Barrangou offers ten bold (and rosy) predictions for the next 12 months in his editorial for The CRISPR Journal. We fervently hope he is right! Please see our summary below.

1) Notwithstanding lingering technical issues such as off-target mutations and immunogenicity concerns, there will be several clinical successes.

2) Despite widespread misinformation, the public will embrace CRISPR and increasingly appreciate the real-world benefits of genome editing.

3) Europe catches up with the world, objectively assessing the pros of CRISPR for diverse applications, food included.

4) Rather than continue with toolbox expansion, current CRISPR tools will be put to good use.

5) The potential of genome editing will be unleashed for a more sustainable agriculture and a healthier planet.

6) Key players and leaders will play nicer in the patent arena.

7) Business dealmakers join the fray, maybe with the first CRISPR start-up acquisition going on in 2020.

8) Two major reports on germline editing, from the National Academies/Royal Society and the WHO, will bridge the science vs. society gap.

9) CRISPR publication and citation growth will start to slow down and plateau.

10) CRISPR goes global.

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