A decade of CRISPR is only the beginning

CRISPR past, present, and future according to the review by Jennifer Doudna and Joy Y. Wang just published in Science. This is the original caption: “The past decade of CRISPR technology has focused on building the platforms for generating gene knockouts, creating knockout mice and other animal models, genetic screening, and multiplexed editing. CRISPR’s applications in medicine and agriculture are already beginning and will serve as the focus for the next decade as society’s demands drive further innovation in CRISPR technology.”

From the same review: “Future directions: where we could be 10 years from now. The future of CRISPR genome editing will intersect with advances in technologies such as machine learning, live-cell imaging, and sequencing. In the near future, we may witness FDA approval for the first CRISPR-based medicine, as well as increasing numbers of CRISPR treatments moving to later stages of clinical trials and approval of new clinical trials using improved in vivo delivery methods. We expect approval of more CRISPR-edited crops for sale and more demonstrations of CRISPR used to engineer multigenic traits in plants and animals. In the more distant future, we may one day see many widely accessible CRISPR-based treatments and even use genome editing to safely harvest pig organs for transplant patients or as a prophylactic against disease. In agriculture, CRISPR may be routinely used to generate disease-resistant, high-yield crops to increase global food supply and security.”

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