So many CRISPR books so little time


Rumors are spreading about upcoming CRISPR books by Walter Isaacson (best known for his biographies of Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs) and other best-selling authors. In the meantime biotech-bibliophiles are enjoying the satirical side of cutting edge research with How to Build a Dragon or Die Trying.

The book, by Paul and Julie Knoepfler,  is intended to get young adults excited about genetics but also give them a sense of how it gets hyped. Soon to appear in my CRISPR bookcase between the classics (such as A Crack in Creation by Jennifer Doudna and Sam Sternberg) and the weirds (the sci-fi novel Change Agent by Daniel Suarez). I’m busy reading Hacking Darwin, by Jamie Metzl, while impatiently waiting for the next in line: Editing Mankind by Kevin Davies and Hacking the Code of Life by Nessa Carey. The editing frenzy is now in full swing, enjoy the reading!

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